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I love the Expendables Films, They are a throw back to Teen years, I freaking loved all of these guys. Many a late night watching Lethal Weapon, Demolition Man, Air Force One….The younger generations are really missing out on some quilty fun action! Now they get CGI Gargoyles and crappy Vampires.‪#‎TheExpendables3‬ http://youtu.be/4xD0junWlFc

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Dear Disney, 

You have companies like Marvel,Pixar and Lucasfilm at your disposal.


The Magic of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

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Ian McCaig’s concept for brooding Episode III Anakin.

Anakin is freaking badass!

Such a powerful image even tho EP 1 was not that great.

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Pappy knocking it out of the park. Seriously, so many feels.

Love this!!! Wildstar Dev’s your the best!

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This Needs To Happen Now!!!!!!!

This is the one good thing about rumors, They get you thinking, and every once in a while a good idea pops out and snatches the imagination of what could be.


Love this! 

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Harrison Ford wants to get back on the Star Wars Episode VII set.

It’s been difficult to tell which information is speculation, rumor, or truth when talking about Ford’s health and his return to the Star Wars Episode VII set. But earlier this week, DailyMail snapped some photos of Ford on the streets of London getting by on a brace.

Then TheForce.net spoke to an ER trauma nurse at a Maryland Hospital. She believed that he could totally film with his brace. “We’ve had scribes and docs with similar casts at work. If someone can spend eight hours navigating the ER on a wheeled splint, Harrison can shoot scenes.”

Unfortunately, the Screen Actors Guild might have a different opinion. But we do hope that he can safely return to work soon.

They should just work the leg brace into the film! Han Solo with a space peg-leg would be kinda awesome! Perhaps he lost it in a fight with a bounty hunter?

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Ohhh Myyyy…..

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